About Reachout

Since its incorporation in June 1994 as a “not for profit” organization, Reachout has provided quality pediatric therapeutic and special educational services for young children in south central Connecticut. Since then, our agency has also grown in size and has expanded the scope of pediatric services which it offers.

The expertise of Reachout’s multi-disciplinary staff has enabled us to respond, competently and effectively, to the needs of children with diverse developmental disabilities and their families.

Reachout offers specialized services to its pediatric clientele. Treatment approaches remain current within best practice parameters of therapeutic and educational methodologies. Pursuit of continuing educational opportunities for staff is strongly encouraged in order to maintain high standards of service.

It is Reachout’s goal to provide families with knowledge and skills to optimize their child’s potential for the present and future. Building parental confidence and capability to respond to the physical, emotional and mental challenges which they may encounter is our priority.

Helping children to learn to move, play, communicate, make friends and gain independence is the heart of our program.

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