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Speech Language Pathologists

Photo of  Sarah Culbertson
Sarah Culbertson

I love building relationships with children and their families, as we work on the things that matter to them and make a difference in their everyday lives.

Photo of  Civia Eldrich
Civia Eldrich

I like to work with children and their families because of the opportunity to bring positive experiences and changes into often challenging situations for families. It is a pleasure getting to know our children and their families and to be able to impact the lives of children at a critical time in their development.

Photo of  Diane Mital
Diane Mital

I enjoy working with children and their families. It is very rewarding for me to see children develop and improve their communication skills. Parents are a child’s true teacher. I love being a part of empowering parents to help their children gain new skills.

Photo of  Janet Quinones-Tobin
Janet Quinones-Tobin

I enjoy working with children and their families and helping them to realize their goals of becoming more effective communicators. The fact that so much of the learning takes place through play makes it even more fun.

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Occupational Therapists

Photo of  Elaine Balsley
Elaine Balsley

Working with children and their families is so rewarding. Children are the future, and in whatever small or large way I can support that, I’m honored to.

Photo of  Kerri Cybulski
Kerri Cybulski
Mary Doyon
Photo of  Stephanie Kelsey-Reynolds
Stephanie Kelsey-Reynolds

I love all children and it is a joy to help families and their children grow and develop.

Photo of  Anna Predmore
Anna Predmore

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Physical Therapists

Photo of  Michelle Brennan
Michelle Brennan

I like to work with children and their families because it is truly rewarding to see the joy and happiness in both the child’s and family’s eyes when there is an achievement of skills and a positive change in their lives.

Photo of  Rita Esposito
Rita Esposito

I enjoy working with children because they are always ready to play without realizing that they are working and learning. They want to do “what children do.” My job is to be creative and find ways to help them experience success as well as prevent obstacles from entering into their path. It is a luxury to work closely with their families during these earliest years when so much is possible.

Photo of  Karen Galvin
Karen Galvin

I am so very privileged to be welcomed into a family’s home and to witness some of a child’s first great achievements.  No matter how small, each achievement is a stepping stone to something bigger.  Being able to play a small part in that joy of learning is the biggest reward I receive by working with children and their families.

Photo of  Cindy Gonzalez
Cindy Gonzalez

I like working with children and their families because they teach me how to appreciate the smallest of changes in their lives as the child makes developmental gains that I have had a tiny hand in helping him achieve.

Photo of  Seidy Rodriguez
Seidy Rodriguez

I love my job! It is very rewarding. I have the opportunity to see lots of “first” in children and their families’ lives. Every day brings new challenges, adventures and laughs. Even though I am there to provide a service, families don’t realize how much I learn from them and the impact they have in my life. The best part of all is the great smiles and hugs I get everyday.

Photo of  Deborah Wilkinson
Deborah Wilkinson

I enjoy working with children and their families because it is very rewarding. I feel honored to be welcomed into a family’s home to work as a team to help everyone involved realize their goals and wishes for their child(ren).

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Special Education Teachers

Photo of  Nicolette Aynat-Nolan
Nicolette Aynat-Nolan

“The child has a hundred languages…a hundred thoughts, a hundred ways of thinking, of playing, of speaking, of listening, of marveling, of loving…”-Loris Malaguzzi

The most inspiring aspect of my work is discovering with families the hundred ways their children learn, develop, and grow. Children have much to teach us, so long as we are willing to listen.


Photo of  Meg Barlow
Meg Barlow

I like working with children and the families of young children because it is an extraordinary opportunity to be part of something that can make a lasting difference.  Research shoes that early intervention improves children’s developmental, social, and educational gains while at the same time strengthening families.  Working closely with families and daycare staff to optimize learning occasions in children’s everyday life is enormously fulfilling and a pleasure.

Photo of  Judy Torello
Judy Torello

It is very satisfying seeing a child make progress in their development, and seeing families become more confident in their interactions with their child.

Photo of  Marty Walczak
Marty Walczak

I like working with children and families because I enjoy interacting with people from different backgrounds, tradition, and cultures, and I value the life experiences that it provides.

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Social Workers

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Early Intervention Associates

Photo of  Jeannie Barletta
Jeannie Barletta

Reachout Inc. was such a positive influence in my life and in helping my son that to be given the opportunity to help families in the same way has proven to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Photo of  Debra Bianchini
Debra Bianchini

I like working with children and families because I love experiencing the uniqueness of each child, and truly value the sense of achievement gained in teaching new skills and advancing their development. Extending my knowledge to families creates a partnership in fostering a child’s holistic development, enabling them to reach their full potential….What a privilege!

Photo of  Jill Bishop
Jill Bishop

I love working with children to see the excitement in their eyes, and their family’s joy, when they accomplish something for the first time! And nothing compares to a two-year-old’s hug!

Photo of  Karyn Capezzone
Karyn Capezzone
Early Intervention Specialist

I find it rewarding to support families in reaching their goals and they teach me something new every day!

Photo of  Allison Salem
Allison Salem

Working with children is a passion of mine.  I focus on each child’s ability rather than disability and celebrate progress no matter how big or small.  I love being able to support the family as a whole, empowering them to use strategies to help their child grow and develop through time.

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Administrative Assistants

Photo of  Dawn Kail
Dawn Kail
Administrative Coordinator

I like working with children and their families because children
generally bring out the best in us.

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