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Reachout was incorporated in 1994 as a “not for profit” organization in response to an opportunity to participate as a provider program within the newly formed Connecticut Birth to Three System. The System was created under Part C of a federal law called the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and by state law 17a-248. As result of this legislation, Connecticut developed a statewide system to deliver early intervention services to children under the age of three. In 1994, Reachout was granted its initial contract. Since then, our agency has also grown in size and has expanded the scope of pediatric services which it offers.

Since its inception, Reachout has remained under contract by the Office of Early Childhood to provide Birth to Three services. Our professional staff of speech language pathologists, physical and occupational therapists, social workers, and early childhood specialists and teachers all work directly with families and eligible children. These professionals coach families within their daily activities and routines in the child’s natural environment (home, child care, community).

The expertise of Reachout’s multi-disciplinary staff has enabled us to respond, competently and effectively, to the needs of children with diverse developmental disabilities and their families.

Reachout offers specialized services to its pediatric clientele; these services are guided by the parent’s goals for their child and family. Treatment approaches remain current within best practice parameters of therapeutic and educational methodologies. Pursuit of continuing educational opportunities for staff is strongly encouraged in order to maintain high standards of service.

It is Reachout’s goal to build a family’s confidence and competence in meeting their child’s needs as well as their ability to describe their child’s abilities and challenges.

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